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About Us

REACH is a renewable industry coalition that envisions a Hawaiian energy economy based 100% on renewable sources indigenous to Hawaii.

REACH intends to achieve its 100% renewable energy vision for Hawaii by convincing Hawaii's electric utilities to set planning goals of 100% renewable energy for each of the...



Why join REACH?

REACH has the expertise in law, economics, technology and politics needed to create a 100% renewable energy economy in Hawaii. Your membership in REACH is your best possible investment toward expanding your renewable energy business opportunities in Hawaii.

Our commitments to members...



REC Solar Testimonial

REC Solar shares REACH's vision of a Hawaiian economy powered 100% by renewable energy from sources indigenous to Hawaii.

--Drew Bradley of REC

Bright Energy Testimonial

REACH has proven to be well informed and balanced policy leaders in supporting a cleaner, more economical, and more sustainable future for all the citizens of Hawaii. Our state is very fortunate to have the REACH team’s attention and energies Read More...

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